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mandatory if schools really
want their students to succeed."

D.H. Santa Cruz High School


Excellent Curriculum.
Affordable Prices.
It's About Time!

"I would have been lost during my
SAT last year if I hadn't taken this course."

H.D. Cupertino High School


Convenient Times.
Convenient Locations.

"Extremely helpful. The teachers
are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.
I 100% recommend this class."

H.M. Branham High School


Excellent SAT Prep Really Can Be Affordable

I loved the class, and I learned new techniques and test-taking strategies

K.B. Branham High School

This class was extremely helpful, as it taught very useful tips.

K.C. Leigh High School

This was a wonderful class

Cupertino High School

Future Path Prep helped me greatly. I learned what was on the SAT and useful strategies not found in other prep books

Cupertino High School