Let’s face it

When it comes to effective and affordable SAT prep, there are not too many good options. Most courses take advantage of the anxiety felt by students and families and charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  

The costs and stress associated with getting into and attending college have soared. Yes, getting a college education is important. But that doesn’t mean the experience has to be the way it is now.

About Future Path Prep

While we can’t resolve all of the issues surrounding the college admissions process, we can help make preparing for the SAT a whole lot better.  We focus on the insights, strategies, and techniques that help students understand the structures and patterns within the test. Then, we identify and review the essential skills and knowledge needed to be successful on the SAT.

Created by a veteran professional educator, Future Path Prep has helped thousands of students to prepare for the SAT.  We’re dedicated to delivering excellent test prep at a price that just about anyone can afford. Yes, we could easily charge more.  We just don’t want to, because we don’t think high-quality SAT prep should cost students and their families hundreds of dollars.

Students are busy, so we make it as easy on them as we can.  We offer courses both online and at local high schools. And, we don’t know of anything less expensive.